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It’s been a while since we launched the Kym Carpenters memorial Fund. And it’s that time of year again where we ask you to join us for the annual canal walk to remember everyone that we have lost to cancer. We also like to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth hospital cancer unit the cyber knife machine, that this fund helped purchase. That you all helped purchase with all your hard work! So let keep this going and we will see you all on Saturday the 7th of May. In remembrance of all of those we have lost and all of those who are fighting cancer! Join us please!

It’s all about family’s, friends, lost loved ones and being there for each other! As time goes on the pain of losing someone eases but never goes away.

Thanks to you all we made a difference not just for the friend, brother, sister, mother grandmother, cousin or child that we lost to cancer but to the people will help by being there, raising funds for thise who are fighting cancer.

let be there for everyone we love…..

See you there 7th May 2016 the bridge pub 10am. yo can get sponsors or just make a donation……..