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Currently there is a centre in Harley Street, at a cost of £35,000. Agreement from a specialist doctor is very difficult to get and of course there is the cost. As every family knows after a diagnosis such as Cancer time is not always on the patient’s side.
Our mission is to fund raise until we have either the money to finance treatment for an NHS cancer patient, or even better, help finance Cyber Knife treatment to be available in the U.K.

A big mission yes – but Kym had a big personality and he left a big hole in our lives.

We find it impossible to believe thousands of families here in the U.K. affected by Cancer would not be willing to make a difference and would not want to give their loved ones a better chance to fight Cancer.

The cost to purchase the machine is two million pounds. We believe fundraising in the North West is going on already, to raise money for Cyber Knife to be available in their area.